Ramunė Sturienė

Ramunė Sturienė has over 6 years experience in conducting evaluations and studies of various public policy initiatives. During her studies and professional career Ramunė has gained substantial knowledge of the peculiarity of implementation of strategic planning and other performance management initiatives in public sector organizations. She is also experienced in performing evaluation projects of implementation of EU structural assistance.

Key areas of expertise

  • Policy areas: public administration, strategic planning, performance and quality management, health
  • Methods: quantitative and qualitative research methods, including desk-based research, interviews, surveys and other
  • Project management: experience in building and leading smaller scale projects, as well as implementing individual parts and team-working in large scale projects


  • Traineeship at the Council of the European Union, Directorate General I, Unit 2B - Health, Consumers, Foodstuffs, 2007
  • MA in Public Administration, Vilnius University, 2006
  • BA in Public Administration, Mykolas Romeris University, 2004

Selected projects

Building of the European Union structural fund evaluation capacity in Lithuania (Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, 2012-2013)

Analysis of interinstitutional cooperation and of legal base within the Health sector and evaluation of similar practices in other EU countries (Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, 2012)

Analysis of health sector governance and budgeting reforms (Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, 2012)

Preparation and implementation of the new methodology of strategic planning of the Prosecution service, training of the employees of the Prosecution service on the application of the new methodology (Prosecution Service of the Republic of Lithuania, 2011-2012)

Preparation of the feasibility study on the optimization of the performance of the Ministry of Culture and implementation of the optimized performance model (Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, 2011-2012)

Reduction of the administrative burden (Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, 2010)

Improving the monitoring system of strategic action plans (including the budget programmes) and their implementation results (Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, 2009-2011)

Evaluation of impact and effectiveness of the EU Structural Funds' support implementation in the Environmental sector (Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, 2008)

The monitoring of implementation of quality management methods in Lithuanian public administration institutions (Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, 2007 and 2008)

Ex-post evaluation of implementation of horizontal priorities in the EU structural assistance (Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, 2007-2008)

Selected publications

Nakrošis, V. and R. Černiūtė „Europos socialinio fondo paramos panaudojimas kokybės vadybos ir kitoms valdymo sistemoms diegti Lietuvoje: tarpinės pamokos", Viešasis administravimas Lietuvoje, Vidaus reikalų ministerija, 2011, pp. 74-83. [„The use of the support of European social fund for an implementation of quality management and other management initiatives in Lithuania: interim lessons" in Public Administration in Lithuania (2011)]

Nakrošis, V., Ž. Martinaitis, A. Varkojūtė, R. Černiūtė „Įrodymais pagrįstas valdymas Lietuvoje ir užsienio šalyse", Į rezultatus orientuoto ir įrodymais pagrįsto valdymo praktika Lietuvos ir užsienio šalių


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