Technical support to UNICEF Europe and Central Asia Regional Office (ECARO) for a situation analysis on children affected by migration in Central Asia

The study provided a comprehensive view of the situation of children affected by migration in Russia and Central Asia, and identified gaps in protection of their rights and needs. It is part of a wider collaboration between UNICEF and the EU on Protecting children affected by migration in Southeast, South, and Central Asia.

To conduct the situation analysis, PPMI studied the position of children on three levels:

  1. On the macro level, the research team investigated the systems of child protection and services (laws, policies, strategies and other public intervention plans) and the social and cultural norms surrounding child protection and access to services, such as education, healthcare, childcare, etc.
  2. On the meso level, the research team analysed the factors influencing accessibility and availability of child services, barriers and enablers to access the services, eligibility requirements, enablers and barriers to claiming entitlements, and other related factors. The research team also looks into which protection measures and services are generally available for children affected by migration in each of the countries.
  3. At the micro level, the team investigated the individual experiences and needs of migrant children and families affected by migration. As part of the study estimates of children on the move are provided, as well as those left behind and returning nationals.

To conduct this research, PPMI collaborated with organisations and experts in Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. For each country, comprehensive desk research was carried out and 200 stakeholders representing different organisations were interviewed. Moreover, the research team has conducted 200 interviews with migrant children themselves in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The results of the project will inform a wide range of stakeholders on the situation of children affected by migration in Central Asia and aims to inform the development of interventions by various organisations.

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