Technical assistance to the Managing Authority

The main objective of the Project was to provide technical assistance services to the Ministry of Finance. The key goal of the contract was to create and improve the EU structural assistance Management and Control system and to assist the Ministry of Finance in the preparation and in carrying out the functions of the Managing Authority (MA) of the Human Resources Development Operational Programme (OP), Economic Growth OP, Cohesion Promotion OP, and Technical Assistance OP. The specific objectives of the services were to:
• Investigate the interplay between public policies and budgeting resources for their implementation to assist the Ministry of Finance with better integration of the EU resources into the national budget cycle
• Prepare the necessary working procedures of the MA;
• After the analysis of the current capacity of the MA employees and the needs of the MA, present proposals to ensure appropriate capacity and implement the envisaged measures;
• Evaluate the concept of delegation of the functions of the MA and present proposals for the improvement of effectiveness of the delegation process;
• Prepare the necessary documents and carry out audits of the management and control systems of the Implementing Agencies;
• Provide on-the-job consultations to employees of the MA in areas related to the functions of the MA, prepare methodological and analytical materials as well as provide consultations on the preparation process;
• Provide proposals concerning constant improvement of the management and control system, prepare and/or improve related documents and methodologies and provide consultations on the preparation process;
• Carry out other activities, related to specific requirements of the OPs.

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