Support to the launch of the successor Programme to Progress, EURES and Progress Microfinance Facility (PSCI) and the monitoring of its performance

This project provided support and assistance to the Commission regarding the launch of the new Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) 2014-2020, in particular by contributing to the development of its performance monitoring system and the analysis of the Programme's performance as foreseen in itsobjectives as well as its policy achievements. In the framework of carrying out this assignment, PPMI drafted the first monitoring report of the new Programme and provided relevant information for the mid-term evaluation.

This assignment concerned both definition and implementation of the Programme's performance monitoring system, involving timely collection and analysis of accurate information (quantitative and qualitative) at the level of outputs, outcomes and processes.

During this project, the PPMI team carried out the following activities:

  • Designed the monitoring framework and the system to assess the performance of the Programme (including the performance indicators) and establishing the baseline situation;
  • Developed the tools needed to implement the monitoring framework, including support to the programme contractors and beneficiaries in reporting on the results and actions as well as support to the Commission in devising the reporting templates;
  • Collected quantitative and qualitative information from various primary and secondary sources on the outcomes of the Programme and their impacts;
  • Gathered the opinions of the relevant stakeholders on the outcomes of the Programme via an EU-wide survey;
  • Identified and disseminated good practices (notably, on social policy experimentation) to assist Member States in reforming their employment and social policies;
  • Analysed  the contribution of the Programme's activities to its general objectives and policy initiatives of the EU;
  • Drafted the initial qualitative and quantitative monitoring report;
  • Provided guidance and advice to the Commission on different issues related to the implementation of the Programme, including criteria to support programming and allocation of funds to different policy fields and types of activities;
  • Provided guidance and advice to the Commission on possible improvements to increase the efficiency and performance of the Programme.

The scope of the contract included all the inputs and outputs produced under the Programme. The geographic scope of the monitoring covered the Member States and other participating countries.

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