Support Study for a Pilot Project for the Development of Digital Skills through Internships-SMART 2017/0056

This study was commissioned to support the European Commission (DG CONNECT) by gathering evidence to define three implementation aspects of the Digital Opportunity Traineeships pilot scheme at EU level. The study had three general goals. The first one was to identify the requirements in terms of background for graduates undertaking the internships at different skills levels. This was supposed help to ensure that companies participating in the scheme receive ICT skills they need and vice versa students participate in internships that match their digital skills level. The second objective was to support the development of curricula for digital internships. The study identified digital skills to be provided as part of internships (for graduate students with/ without an ICT background). The third objective was to identify the learning outcomes for internships in digital. Identification of learning outcomes at different skills level allowed to better understand what results internships in digital can potentially achieve. To answer these questions, we implemented an extensive face-to-face and phone interview programme (around 300 interviews) with companies employing ICT specialists in 15 Member States. PPMI implemented this study with partners from CARSA (Spain) and EPRD (Poland). 


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