Support for developing country knowledge on public administration (EUPACK 2)

The mission of the Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS) of the European Commission is to provide support for the preparation and implementation of growth-enhancing administrative and structural reforms by mobilising EU funds and technical expertise. A key instrument to fulfil this mission is the Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP). With a view to the management of the Programme and the achievement of its objectives, the Commission needs to enhance further its knowledge and understanding of the status and reform dynamics of public administrations in the EU Member States. In order to respond to such information needs, the Commission launched EUPACK 1 project back in 2015. The current project is a continuation of the EUPACK 1 project, which allowed to determine the main trends of public administration reforms and to make a comparison across different EU Member States. The EUPACK 1 project also identified a set of main lessons for successful public administration reforms in the future. After the implementation of the EUPACK 1 project, it became necessary to update the collected information and to further develop the existing analysis. This is exactly the general purpose of the follow-up EUPACK 2 project.

The specific objective of this project is to assist for the data collection and data analysis as a basis for recommendations regarding detailed design and project management in the area of public administration. The EUPACK 2 project will:

1. Further develop a consistent country and thematic overview on the characteristics and performance of public administrations in EU Member States (task 2).
2. Further explore the content, outcomes and impact of public administration reforms in this area (task 3).
3. Support the spread of knowledge on measuring the quality of public administration through the organisation of three interactive workshops in close collaboration with the Commission (task 4).

The implementation of the EUPACK 2 tasks and the production of the project’s deliverables will contribute towards a better identification of needs and adequate responses in the provision of support for the preparation and implementation of growth-enhancing administrative and structural reforms.

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