Support for Assessment of Socio-Economic and Environmental Impacts of European Research and Innovation Programme

The main objective of the study was to prepare the ex-ante impact assessment of the next Framework Programme (FP) for Research and Innovation (R&I) that will follow H2020. Two major results were expected to contribute to: (1) an improvement of the existing tool-boxes and methodologies available for the ex-ante assessment of European R&I Programmes and (2) a preliminary ex-ante assessment of up to 20 different policy options that will constitute an input to design the next Framework Programme.

In this assignment PPMI provideed micro-level data and estimates for important building blocks of the NEMESIS model, including the leverage effect (estimates provided for different FP7 programmes and societal Challenges), knowledge spillover effects and the added value/improved economic performance of knowledge in EU funded versus national projects. PPMI also contributed to the build-up and ex-ante assessment of the policy options. Thanks to the data provided by PPMI the additionality of EU-funded research was further precised, which lead to more robust estimates.

The results of the proejct fed directly to the ongoing preparations for the future European framework research programme, FP9. The results of the study directly contributed to the main policy scenarios discussed in the ex-ante imapct assessment of the programme.

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