Study on the returnees' needs of educational services in Lithuania's municipalities

The study was mainly focused at educational services, provided to Lithuanian returnees, Lithuanian citizens who live abroad and foreigners of Lithuanian origin up to 18 years of age. In particular, we analysed the measures to facilitate the integration of Lithuanian emigrants' children in Lithuanian pre-primary, primary and secondary education institutions and distance learning services provided to those, who live abroad. The study assessed the relevance and quality of educational measures and provided recommendations on how to improve and expand the educational services and contributed to the development of the monitoring framework. While implementing this study, PPMI researchers:

  1. Analysed the trends of return migration of Lithuanian citizens and foreigners of Lithuanian origin under 18 years old and their integration into Lithuanian educational system, as well as provided recommendations on how to develop monitoring framework and how to adjust the existing Education management information system;
  2. Developed the methodology to calculate the indicator „Percent of returnees, who got assistance for integration into education system" and calculated indicator values for 2016 and 2017;
  3. Explored which educational measures are provided to returnees and foreigners of Lithuanian origin;
  4. Analysed measures for distance learning which are provided by Lithuanian education institutions to Lithuanian citizens living abroad and foreigners or Lithuanian origin;
  5. Assessed to what extent the existing educational measures correspond to the returnees' needs;
  6. Provided recommendations on how to improve the educational measures in place and what additional services to be developed;
  7. Analysed the legislation in the area of provision of educational measures to returnees and persons facing difficulties in the learning process and provided recommendations on amendments.

The study contributed to filling in the information gaps and expanding the knowledge base on general trends of return migration and distribution of returnees younger than 18 years old in Lithuanian municipalities, assessing the available educational support measures and their correspondence to returnees needs. It complements research on migration and education in Lithuanian and provides evidence based policy pointers on how to build up a monitoring system and improve educational support measures.

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