Study on the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) model to be implemented in Lithuania after 2013

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania commissioned PPMI to carry out a Study on the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) model to be implemented in Lithuania after 2013.The EIPs are promoting favourable conditions for research and innovation partners (e.g. researchers, businesses, advisory services, NGOs, etc.) to co-operate and achieve better and faster results compared to existing approaches. They function in certain thematic areas including that on agricultural productivity and sustainability. To facilitate the national decision making and institutional development the study has presented an elaborate model for the development of the Lithuanian network of EIPs in the area of agriculture. The key features of this model became an integral part of the Lithuanian Rural Development Programme for 2014-2020.

To deliver the expected outputs, evaluators conducted a number of interviews with the potential stakeholders (policy-makers, farming associations, researchers, consultants, etc.), did an extensive desk research (including the preparation of three case studies on innovation systems and cross-sectoral cooperation practices in Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands), and organised and expert panel discussion on the preliminary outcomes of their analysis. Each of these methods fed to the proposals of the study on the governance structure of the national EIP network, the formation and composition of its operational groups, the coordination of funding sources available to EIPs, etc. In line with the requirements of the client, a several alternative models of the national EIP network were presented in the study, together with a SWOT analysis of each alternative. The alternative selected by the Ministry was elaborated in greater detail to guide implementation.

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