Study: Identification and analysis of quantitative values of result indicators of Rural Development Programme for Lithuania 2007-2013

The study supported the monitoring and evaluation of the Rural Development Programme for Lithuania (RDP). In particular based on the Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework the research team calculated, forecasted and interpreted the values of RDP result indicators for the years 2008, 2009, 2010, which were otherwise inaccessible through administrative means. The indicators included the gross value added in supported holdings/enterprises, the number of farms entering the market, the increase in non-agricultural gross value added in supported businesses, the population in rural areas benefiting from improved services, the gross number of jobs created, and the number of holdings/enterprises introducing new products and/or new technologies. The results of the study were used in reporting to the European Commission on the implementation of the RDP and as the basis for the management decisions to ensure smooth implementation of RDP. The analysis conducted by the project team involved a combination of research methods: surveys, analysis of secondary sources and econometric modelling. 

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