Smart, effective and inclusive investment in education infrastructure

The purpose of the study is to review recent trends across the EU and provide policy recommendations on smart, effective, and inclusive investment in education infrastructure. To this end, we will map, compare, detect and examine good practices of and provide recommendations on the following:

  • Methodologies used for investment in education infrastructure, including the ones adopted for planning, forecast and gap analysis, execution and monitoring, funding sources and delivery modes, actors involved and their roles; together, all these concern the governance of investment. 
  • Recent trends in investment in education infrastructure, including investment priorities, objectives and context, scope, source and gaps of investment, and investment results and impact.

Methods used will include:

  • Mapping the governance of and recent trends in education infrastructure investments across the EU in all official EU languages;
  • Selecting good practices for improving the learning environment and organising infrastructure;
  • Data collection through desk research (including semi-automated desk research) in all EU languages;
  • Comparative cross country analysis;
  • Interviews with national stakeholders for validation and contextualisation of comparative cross-country analysis;
  • Online validation workshop;
  • Detailed communication strategy with a mix of communication activities (email campaign, direct mailing campaign, use of networks, use of webinars, use of the landing page, social media campaign). 

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