Provision of Stakeholder feedback services for Cedefop's performance measurement system

The overall objective of this framework contract was the development, analysis and reporting of stakeholder feedback services to Cedefop in line with its annual work programme and programming document 2017-2020. More specifically, in the context of assignment the contractor supported Cedefop in:

-            better understanding of the extent to which the quality and relevance of Cedefop’s work and expertise are used and valued by its stakeholders;

-            obtaining a comprehensive assessment of the quality and relevance of Cedefop’s consultation with its key stakeholders;

-            gaining more insight into how Cedefop’s Governing Board members are exercising their supervisory function.

To achieve these results, five order forms were received from the Client:

-            Order Form 1: Development of Governing Board surveys (self-assessment and stakeholders’ consultation).

-            Order From 2: Deployment, analysis and reporting of Governing Board surveys (self-assessment and stakeholders’ consultation).

-            Order Form 3: Development of qualitative indicators and revision of Cedefop Performance Measurement System.

-            Order Form 4: Deployment and analysis of Cedefop user satisfaction survey.

-            Order Form 5: Integration of additional questions in Cedefop user satisfaction survey.

Desk research, stakeholder feedback and satisfaction surveys, as well as interviews with Cedefop’s staff were employed to implement these service orders.

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