Provision and analysis of key indicators in research and innovation

The main aim of the project is to collect and update bibliometric, patent, and other IP data as well as to develop an approach to construct new indicators on business innovation by collecting, analysing, and aggregating unstructured data from the web. The resulting datasets shall be used to provide insight on the scientific and technological outputs of countries, groups of countries and regions, including in specific science and technology domains. Furthermore, the collected data and constructed indicators will be used to prepare the upcoming edition of the Science, Research and Innovation Performance Report as well as to update the indicators on the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS), and the biennial Regional Innovation Scoreboard.

The special feature setting this project apart from the previous data gathering and provision exercises is the focus on reducing the data-lag in indicator production. The project aims to utilise novel company data sources to enable “now-casting” of company performance in various issue areas. It is expected that utilizing this approach will allow to reduce the ‘data-lag’ in the European Innovation Scoreboard by at least 18 months, which will serve to enhance the validity of the overall results.

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