Prospective Report on the Future of Assessment in Primary and Secondary Education

The general objective of this study is to investigate and develop an informed view on how recent and ongoing trends and developments in pedagogy, assessment methods, practices and policies, technology, societal, cultural and socio-economic conditions may influence the evolution and potential transformation of assessment of learning outcomes in primary and secondary education by 2030. The study will examine the role of external drivers and trends, incentives created by international and national assessment programmes, as well as country-level factors such as the incentive structure of national education systems and schools which may shape the development of future assessment policies. The review will also take into account recent evidence on important aspects of children’s and young people’s development which are linked to learning outcomes and their assessment.

The study will also aim to understand how such changes will impact evidence-based policy developments in education, in order to stimulate a debate at European level and generate new, forward-looking policy ideas to support future learning and competence development. The study will provide evidence to support the reflections at European level on the medium-term evolutions of primary and secondary education. In the context of the ‘Future of Learning’ agenda, and as the Europe 2020 Strategy and the ET 2020 Strategic Framework are coming to an end, this study will support the Commission in providing Member States with possible avenues for future policy developments in the area of educational assessment.

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