New Forms of Employment - In-depth analysis on specific new forms of employment: service vouchers, casual work, coworking

Under this specific Service Request under a framework contract to study New Forms of Employment for Eurofound, PPMI coordinated the preparation of case studies on selected public, social partner based or cross-company instruments and regulations relating to new forms of employment, as well as their positive and negative implications on working conditions, social security, employment rights, employment relations and workers’ representation as well as work organisation.

The team, which included PPMI staff, experts on non-standard employment and a network of national experts, worked on the desk research, interviews and case studies on enterprises and self-employed individuals, as well as policy instrument analyses (when assigned) on how Member States regulate specific forms of employment. Case studies and policy analysis reports on coworking, service vouchers and casual work covered Germany, Spain, Greece, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Ireland, and the Netherlands.  

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