Measuring the impact of the Europe for citizens programme

This study was launched by DG Communication of European Commission during the final years of 2007 – 20013 phase of the Europe for Citizens programme. The purpose of this study was to measure the results of the Europe for Citizens programme created in year 2012 and to prepare for the monitoring of the new generation of the programme.

In order to measure the results of the programme the survey of individual beneficiaries was implemented. It was targeted at participants of the events funded from actions 1, 2 and 4 of the programme. Data gathered during this survey showed the personal benefits of participation in the programme, influence of the participation in the events on the awareness of EU issues as well as influence on general sense of European identity. Comparative data analysis was prepared to show the differences among various categories of the participants. The results of analysis were presented in the survey report, which also contained recommendations on the use of the survey method for the future monitoring of the programme. The results of the survey were instrumental both for the monitoring purposes and for the negotiation of the future generation of the programme.

The development of new monitoring system was started from reconstruction of the intervention logic. It explicated the rationale of the programme, described the stakeholders involved, the impacts expected on each of them, and the causal links between the different steps. Indicators for the new monitoring system were developed through brainstorming session and rating exercise with the participation of program staff, managers within DG COMM and EACEA, major stakeholders. Technical descriptions of the indicators to be used for the monitoring of the next generation of the Europe for Citizens (2014 – 2020) were prepared. The set of the monitoring indicators will enable annual measurement of the quantitative and qualitative impact and efficiency of the activities undertaken within the framework of the programme.

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