Interim evaluation services of Erasmus + programme implementation in Lithuania

All National Agencies responsible for management of decentralised Erasmus+ actions were asked by the European Commission to submit a report on the implementation and and the impact of Erasmus+ in their respective territories. To comply with this requirement, the Education Exchanges Support Foundation procured evaluation services of Erasmus+ implementation in Lithuania. The main objective of this evaluation - to assess how implementation of Erasmus+ is contributing to the overall improvement of quality in Lithuania's education system, covering all relevant sectors (i.e. education, training and youth). 

PPMI conducted an extensive interview programme and organised multiple focus group discussions with representatives (mostly coordinators of Erasmus+ projects) of all relevant sectors covered by the Erasmus+ programme. Our interview programme also covered officials from the Education Exchanges Support Foundation, Agency of International Youth Cooperation, Ministry of Education and Science and Ministry of Social Security and Labour. In addition, we conducted seven in-depth case studies of pre-selected Erasmus+ projects recognised as good practise examples. Among other things, these case studies elaborated on the results and the key success factors of analysed projects.

PPMI evaluated how effectively and efficiently Lithuania is implementing the Erasmus+ programme, how relevant and coherent is it with other national interventions implemented in fields of education, training and youth, and what is its added value. Based on conclusions drawn from evaluation evidence, recommendations were formulated, focusing on areas for improvement of both programme's content and its implementation at EU and national levels.

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