Interim evaluation of Erasmus Mundus II (2009-2013)

The overall objective of this evaluation was to provide the input for the Commission's Interim Evaluation Report on the results achieved and on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the implementation of the Erasmus Mundus programme. The evaluation particularly addressed novelties introduced in phase II of the Programme and how they have been used by its beneficiaries. The report included evaluation of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability. It was based on the interview programme and surveys with relevant EU and national level officials, stakeholders and beneficiaries of the programme as well as other institutional bodies outside the EU. Furthermore, 8 case studies were prepared for the purposes of this evaluation: 1 horizontal case study concerning internationalisation of higher education, 6 consortium-level case studies and 1 project-level case study.


E-solution:NOWORRIES Agency Developing esthetics.