Implementation of Action plan for adult learning. Lot2: Assessment of the impact of ongoing reforms in education and training on adult learning

The assignment aimed to explain why some EU, EFTA and EU candidate countries achieve better results in adult learning than others. It also sought to develop and test methodology to assess the impact of reforms in education and training (and beyond) on adult learning. The research team summarised the existing research evidence on the subject and attempted an ambitious data collection effort of its own. The report used a combination of qualitative (case studies based on literature review and interviews) and quantitative methods (multiple regression analysis modelling as far as statistical data was available) of data collection and analysis to develop an in-depth understanding of multidimensional developments in adult learning sector in response to policy reforms and the changes in its external environment. The report provided a number of recommendations on how to improve evidence-based policy learning and policy making with the view to promoting adult learning in Europe.

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