Feasibility study for surveying principals, teachers, learners and in-company trainers in initial vocational education and training

The aim of the feasibility study is three-fold:

  • Develop a survey on initial VET (ISCED level 3) targeting four populations - school principals, teachers, in-company trainers and learners. This includes developing research topics, questionnaires and the survey concept (methodology).
  • Pilot and assess the survey concept in Austria, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Spain.
  • Examine the feasibility of upscaling the survey on IVET at EU level.

Key steps to achieve them will be the following:

  • Examining reseatch gaps (literature review and expert interviews)
  • Developing questionnaires, translating them and carrying out cognitive testing
  • Developing the survey concept and survey materials
  • Programming and testing the survey
  • Piloting the survey
  • Analysing, reporting and making conclusions

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