External evaluation of the European training foundation

The external evaluation of the European Training Foundation (ETF) - an EU agency - was meant to take stock of its activities and governance in the period of 2006-2010. The report analysed the extent to which the commitments made by the ETF in its annual Work Programmes had been achieved, and the extent to which the recommendations made by the previous external evaluation had been put into practice. The report proposed how to improve ETF's activities and governance in the forthcoming programming period 2014-2017.

The evaluation of ETF addressed the following evaluation issues: (a) relevance, added value and coherence, (b) effectiveness and (c) efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The analysis of governance of ETF included the organizational structure of ETF and its appropriateness in relation to its objectives and to its new mandate as well as its decision-making, strategic planning, programme and process management.

The data collection was based on review of documentation, literature and monitoring data, interviews and surveys. Analysis was carried out using statistical analysis, social network analysis, country case studies and expert assessment using a contribution analysis approach.

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