Evaluation of the performance of the Director of the European Training Foundation (ETF) and the ETF’s duties and requirements in the coming years

The overall purpose of this assignment was to provide an independent evaluation of the ETF Director's performance as stipulated in the founding regulation of the European Training Foundation (ETF). More specifically, the project had three interlinked objectives:

  • In the light of the most recent external evaluation report of ETF, assess the performance of the ETF‘s Director.
  • Evaluate planning and implementation of the ETF work programmes in the period 2011-mid 2013.
  • Review ETF duties and requirements, objectives and priorities (both thematic and organisational) for the mid-term period between 2014 and 2017.

In order to meet these objectives, PPMI conducted a comprehensive interview programme with the ETF Director, agency's Governing Board Members and staff, Director's reporting officers as well as the external stakeholders. A detailed literature review, including the most recent evaluation of the ETF (2012), ETF reports and internal documents, complemented the interview findings. 

E-solution:NOWORRIES Agency Developing esthetics.