Evaluation of the Information Policy on the CAP

DG Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) of the European Commission commissioned PPMI to carry out an Evaluation of the Information Policy on the CAP focusing mainly on the evaluation of DG AGRI’s external communication strategy 2010-2015. The strategy aimed to contribute to explaining, implementing and developing the Common Agricultural Policy by promoting the European model of agriculture, informing farmers and other parties active in rural areas and raising public awareness of the issues and objectives of the Common Agricultural Policy. The outcomes of this evaluation were used in the development of DG AGRI’s external communication strategy for 2016 - 2020. The final report provided specific recommendations on how to improve the strategic planning, including a better definition of strategic communication messages, target audiences, how to make a more effective use of partnership opportunities and communication tools available. For the evaluation, PPMI employed an effective mix of qualitative and quantitative data collection and data analysis methods including desk research, interviews, survey of the stakeholders, and case studies. During the evaluation, PPMI carried out 16 case studies with the overall number of interviews completed reaching 224.

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