Evaluation of effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the Human Resource Development OP Measure “Integration of Socially Excluded Persons and Persons at Social Risk into the Labour Market”

The overall purpose of this assignment was to evaluate the instruments facilitating social and labour market integration of socially excluded groups, which were developed under a ESF-supported measure called “Integration of Persons at Social Risk and Socially Excluded Persons into the Labour Market” (such instruments include social work methodologies, operating models for NGOs, teaching programmes).

The key source of data required for this evaluation was information provided by project managers on the products. The data was collected by conducting two online surveys of project managers and in-depth interviews with 22 specialists involved in the development and application of products. The evaluation also included an analysis of information from the EU Structural Funds Management Information System. Finally, a focussed panel discussion with social work experts-practitioners was held to validate and deepen the evaluation insights.

The study revealed that most of the instruments were used by the target groups and useful to them. However, the assessment also identified a number of practical issues, which restricted the instruments’ accessibility and further applicability. In order to help resolving these issues, PPMI created a database of the existing instruments and presented multiple recommendations on improving their dissemination. The project team also provided suggestions on the implementation of relevant policy measures in the 2014-2020 programming period.

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