European Policy Network on the education of children and young people with a migrant background (SIRIUS)

The partnership between UAB and PPMI was a part of European Policy Network (Sirius) on the education of children and young people with a migrant background. The objective of the network was to develop a 3 years consultation platform which would constitute from variety of stakeholders (policy makers, NGOs, researchers) and would promote collaboration and a common frame for policy analysis and effective research methodologies.

The Sirius network aimed to contribute to the flagship initiatives "Youth on the move", "Agenda for new skills and jobs" and "European platform against poverty". Member States need: (a) to improve educational outcomes, encompassing key competences and aiming at reducing early school leaving, (b) to ensure that the competences required in order to engage in further learning and the labour market are acquired and recognised throughout general, vocational, higher and adult education, (c) to define and implement measures addressing the specific circumstances of migrant and minority students. Therefore, the aim of the Sirius was to ensure that children and young people from migrant or minority background could raise their educational standards and outcomes.

The collaboration within network was organised in 3 work packages:
WP1: policy implementation and networking - administrative and general policies in the field of education of migrants
WP2: schooling: classroom interactions - school access, academic achievement, professional capacity
WP3: educational support projects - mentoring projects organized by migrant communities.

The pool of countries constituting the network was the following: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Spain and the Netherlands.

During the project period the tasks for PPMI included:
Participation in project meetings
Introduction of organisational information to the network website
Report on the implementation of education policies and initiatives targeted at minority and migrant children in Lithuania. The report should reflect the description of the level of implementation of 2009 EC recommendations in the field of migrant education.

Conduction of focus groups and national roundtables on the issues of migrant education.

Promotion of Baltic inclusive policy partnership.

Specific tasks for PPMI within WP 2 and 3 included:
• Filling in the questionnaire eon the development of professional capacity in schools in Lithuania (WP2)
• Mapping of educational support projects initiated by immigrant organisations in Lithuania and provide a list of potential partners for implementing mentoring projects.


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