EU BA High quality job creation

The main objective is to review the methodology and provide comments to improve the study approach, methods and tools to make sure they are well suited for Horizon 2020, Another main goal was to review H2020 documentation (evaluations, studies, impact assessments etc.), extract information on the scope of support and evidence for high quality job creation of H2020 and write-up summary findings. The key challenge was to review large amounts of information and extract relevant information in a relatively short period of time.

During the project implementation, we identified the most relevant documents containing the evidence on job creation effects and mechanisms of both FP7 and H2020. Afterwards, we wrote-up the summary synthesis of this evidence, based on the desk-research template provided by the partners. In addition, we reviewed the methodology on job creation effects of FP7 and H2020 and described several good practice examples (FP7 and H2020 projects) in this area.

The result of this work was a consice and in-depth evidence, both quantitative and qualitative, on the job creation effects, mechanisms and obstacles within FP7 and H2020. This evidence directly feeds into the final study report (parts on H2020 and FP7), which will be used by policy makers in boosting job creation in future generation EU programmes.

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