ESF 2007-2013 Ex-post Evaluation Synthesis - Evaluation task 2: National level analysis

The objective of this task is to update the national inventory prepared in the framework of the expert evaluation nework with new evaluations. This task involves:

- Identifying new evaluations not yet included in the inventory;

- Screening the evaluations for the main findings;

- Categorisisng the evaluations and the findings according to the categories provided in the inventory.

The country expert will also fill the gaps in the country synthesis report prepared by Metis. This report is a synthesis of existing information from various reports coming out of the thematic ex post evaluations and the ESF Expert Evaluation Network and the 2014 Annual Implementation Reports as well as any national evaluations carried out. This task involves:

- Checking the information provided in the report;

- Carrying out the desk research to supplement the existing information and fill the gaps;

- Using the findings identified in the inventories in the relevant chapters of the country report;

- Carrying out interviews with the managing authorities for the missing information/

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