ECEC workforce in the seepro country profile for Lithuania

From 2006-2009 a project known as the seepro study was conducted at the State Institute of Early Childhood Research (IFP) in Munich. The study compiled data on systems of early childhood education and care (ECEC) and country-specific professionalisation stategies in 27 European Union countries. The findings were published in two substantial books, one in English (Oberhuemer, Schreyer, and Neuman 2010) and one in German (Oberhuemer and Schreyer 2010).

The German Federal Ministry of Family and Youth Affairs has commissioned a revised and updated version of key data of the initial seepro project. The new project seepro-r has been funded for two years (August 2015 - July 2017). The focus was on 30 country profiles. These included the original 27 European Union states plus Croatia (as a new EU member state), Russia and the Ukraine.

As part of this project, PPMI was responsible for revising and updating the previously published Lithuanian country profile sections on professional education/training and workforce issues. 


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