Dynamics and impacts of Social Policy Innovation on the resilience of local ecosystems

The aim of this project was to a) design the new conceptual and analytical framework for better understanding of interdependencies and causal relationships between social policy innovation initiatives and the resilience of societies at various levels; b) identify a number of social policy innovation initiatives, and conduct in-depth case studies through the use of the new conceptual and analytical framework in micro-level analysis; and c) perform a cross-case analysis in order to validate the proposed conceptual and analytical framework at meso-level analysis. The main challenges were related to the fact that this was one of the pioneering studies analysing social policy innovation and resilience together. Producing interesting and relevant results required very extensive desk research and review of literature from various fields, ranging from social science to ecology. The results of this study support the new research direction of JRC-DGI HC&E Unit, specifically research on the contribution that social policy innovation initiatives are able to offer in terms of resilience.

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