Development of social partnerships in vocational education and training - Greece

The Greek government has decided to set up model Vocational Upper Secondary (EPAL) schools. In the spirit of other European Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs), these model EPAL schools will aim at (i) establishing and holding strategic and systematic dialogue with social partners ,and (ii) raising the quality of the education (e.g. through pilot curricula, modern methods of teaching etc.). Our project will provide targeted technical support on the design of pilot model EPAL schools. Technical support will include:

  • Analysis of the current situation of EPAL schools
  • Research on the European best practices for the design and implementation of CoVEs
  • Study visits and online seminars to relevant European campuses
  • Recommendations for the design of model EPAL schools, including monitoring and evaluation system
  • Pilot of the new model EPAL schools (10-15 schools)

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