Country factsheets for the EU Member States for the Gender Equality Index 2019

Each year, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) scores EU Member States and the EU as a whole to see how far they are from reaching gender equality. Giving visibility to areas that need improvements, EIGE’s Gender Equality Index is a principal tool supporting policy makers and civil society advocates in bringing the EU closer to gender equality. For the launch of the Gender Equality Index 2019, PPMI supported EIGE with the preparation of country factsheets (28 country factsheets and one factsheet for the EU as a whole) which represent EIGE’s main Index communication products targeting audience at Member State level.

To prepare the country factsheets, our project team conducted an in-depth country-level analysis of the Gender Equality Index scores, indicators and other related data at Member State level in eight thematic areas: work, money, knowledge, time, power, health, violence against women and intersecting inequalities. In the factsheets, they described the state of gender equality in the EU and all Member States, compared the direction and pace of progress since 2005 and highlighted each country’s achievements and areas for improvement.

A new feature of the Gender Equality Index, beginning the 2019 edition, is a thematic focus of the Index on a chosen topic. Our team had a first-time chance to integrate the thematic focus into the Index factsheets which for the 2019 edition fell on the topic of work-life balance. The thematic focus on work-life balance highlights the number of ways women and men juggle paid work with other responsibilities and commitments, especially when they provide care for children, older people and persons with disabilities.

Our team placed value on making all information easily readable and understandable even to the untrained eye. The factsheets include visual information that helps to synthesise and retain text-based context more effectively. For creating content and visualizing data, we put a strong focus on principles of a ‘storytelling with data’ approach, keeping data reporting focused on providing attractive and easily comprehensible content to a wide audience.

EIGE will present the factsheets together with the 4th edition of the Gender Equality Index report on 15 October 2019.

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