Assessment of the impact of the European copyright framework on digitally-supported education and training practices

This study built on and updated existing evidence base regarding the impact of the copyright framework on education and training to aid future national and European processes in the field of copyright. Main objective was to provide precise information of how the Directive 2001/29 (“InfoSoc”) was implemented in each of Member States and whether these implementations specifically considered digital practices. Therefore, the specifications of how far legal uncertainties exist in each of the Member States was included, in terms of exceptions and limitations expected by the directive. In addition, a representative sample of countries was provided, outlining the level of awareness of the current framework among key stakeholders, the level of understanding of the current framework, and the extent to which stakeholders perceived the current framework as an obstacle to the development or use of new practices, tools and business models in education and training.

Main goals of the study were to:

  • Provide precise information on how the education and teaching exceptions and limitations are implemented;
  • Specify how far legal uncertainties exist in each of the MS, in terms of digital education and training
  • Provide reliable data on the level of awareness and understanding of the current framework among stakeholders (institutions, businesses, educators and learners);
  • Analyse the obstacles generated by differing national transpositions of exceptions both at national level and concerning the cross-border use of tools;
  • Provide quantitative and qualitative evidence of the impact of the copyright framework on all forms of education and training;
  • Provide case studies of educational institutions, education-focused businesses and practitioners, which had to adjust behaviour or were prevented from implementing specific practices.


Based on the following research, clear conclusions were drawned in how far problems and obstacles caused by the current copyright framework were caused or derived from either national implementations, the European framework, the heterogeneity of transpositions or any other causes related to the copyright framework. As a result, the assessment helped teachers, learners and other educational stakeholders to gain a clear understanding on the core of relevant copyright regulation by providing profiles for each country examined.

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