Assessment of interim and final indicators of the Human Resources Development Operational Programme Priority 1 “Quality Employment and Social Inclusion" Goal 1 “Enhancing Adaptability of Employees and Companies to the Market Needs”

The key aim of this project is to assess performance indicators of EU support to human resource capacity building in the public and private sectors. In 2007-2013 human resource capacity building in Lithuania was financed by the European Social Fund through the Operational Programme “Human Resource Development”. The research team calculated the following result-level indicators:

  • Usage of knowledge and skills gained through EU-funded projects 6 months after the intervention;
  • The share of enterprises investing into education and training of their employees after the end of ESF support.

The research team also evaluated the relevance, effectiveness, sufficiency and suitability of these indicators and provided recommendations for 2014-2020. The study was based on surveys, interviews, expert panels and literature review. PPMI submited two evaluation reports assessing the achievement of interim (2013) and final (2015) performance indicators. The reports was accompanied by public events, presenting the key findings. The project lasted 23 months and was concluded in October 2015.

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