Assessing the effectiveness and the impact of the Social OMC in preparation of the new cycle

The open method of coordination (OMC) is based on an agreement on EU common objectives, definition of a set of common indicators to enable monitoring of progress towards the common objectives, preparation of national plans translating these objectives into concrete policies, and joint assessment of the progress by the European Commission and the Member States. The OMC in Social Inclusion and Social Protection (Social OMC) covers the areas of social inclusion, pensions and health and long term care.

Under this contract the first comprehensive, external evaluation of the Social OMC was carried out. The research team:

  • developed a reference methodology for evaluation of the effectiveness and the impact of the Social OMC which can be used by the Social Protection Committee and the European Commission 
  • applied this methodology for the assessment of the effectiveness and impacts of the Social OMC 2006-2010
  • provided recommendations concerning the role and shape of the Social OMC under Europe 2020 strategy.

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