After Lisbon, the role of regional and local authorities in a new strategy for sustainable growth and better jobs

This study analysed the extent to which the regional and local authorities (LRAs) had been mentioned in the 27 National Progress Reports (NPRs) that the Member States submitted in 2009 in the context of the renewed governance cycle of the Lisbon Strategy.

The research team developed a conceptual grid that included a set of qualitative indicators assessing the quality as well as the contents of the reports. Based on this the study analysed references to the LRAs in the reports and explored any mentions with regards to the actual functioning of multi-level governance within countries.  

The conclusions of the study fed into the activities the Committee of the Regions and in particular: 1) assessment of the progress made in the involvement of regions in the governance of European growth and jobs policies; (2) exchange of experiences and best practices between countries and regions.

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