PPMI commences the autumn season with an interesting and topical study for the European Parliament. After witnessing school closures across Europe, as a COVID-19 mitigation measure, the EP wants to know how these measures and the COVID-19 crisis in general has affected education in Member States, as well as implementation of the key EU funding programmes (Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps). PPMI will review various reports, government strategies and news articles that have been produced in recent months to determine how the EU and Member States have dealt with challenges created by the pandemic, looking more specifically into access, quality, inclusion in education. The findings will be used to evaluate the different approaches taken by the EU and Member States in terms of their adequacy and efficiency.

The results of the study will aim to provide more concrete answers on how the EU and Member States can overcome various challenges, and utilise opportunities and innovative solutions, when education services move to the physical space again. Secondly, the research team will advise how the EU and Member States can improve the resilience of their education systems so that they are better able to absorb similar shocks in the future.

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