In autumn 2017, a new framework partnership agreement has been signed between MPG and DG EAC to support the activities of the Policy Network on education of migrant children (SIRIUS). PPMI has been an active member of the network since 2012. PPMI has been sitting in the Network Board since 2015.

SIRIUS is a European platform that brings together key stakeholders in migration and education from around Europe, including policy makers, researchers, practitioners and representatives of migrant communities.

SIRIUS aims to:

  • Encourage high-quality, inclusive education for all, with specific measures to improve the support for migrants both inside and outside the school system.
  • Mainstream migrant education into education policies so that it becomes a cross-cutting issue in national and European migration and education debates.
  • Promote better policy implementation that encourages lifelong learning for all disadvantaged pupils.
  • Develop European-wide collaboration between stakeholders of all levels.

In the context of the new partnership agreement, PPMI will be responsible for the research and policy monitoring strand of the network – SIRIUS Watch, which will result in annual monitoring reports on key thematic priorities in the area of migrant education. By looking into specific thematic areas more in-depth, SIRIUS Watch will contribute to monitoring of the progress of the implementation of the SIRIUS Agenda for Migrant Education in Europe and the supporting recommendations (Clear Agenda) at national, regional and local level.

The work of SIRIUS Watch will also take into account key policy priorities and recommendations identified at the EU level, to ensure relevance of monitoring outputs for both EU and national policy making.

Besides monitoring activities, PPMI will also take part in other network activities, such as organisation and coordination of national and regional policy workshops, peer-learning events and annual policy conferences.

The grant agreement is concluded for one year, with the view to be extended annually for the next four years. If you would like to learn more about this specific project or activities of the network in general, please contact Hanna Siarova.

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