A consortium led by PPMI has been recently awarded by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission to implement a study on Digital Government Transformation in a data-driven society. Together with our partners Open Evidence (Spain), Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Martel Innovate (Switzerland) and Rand Europe we will explore the digital transformation in EU governments with the aim to provide indications on how the future research agenda and policy development in this field could be shaped. The study will take year and a half to complete, in which we will:

  • Identify and analyse different strategies, policy initiatives and practices aimed at reforming the public sector in the EU, supported by digital technologies.
  • Develop a new conceptual framework to assess how ICT-enabled innovation can transform governments at different levels pertaining to service delivery, governance systems and policy-making mechanisms, underpinned by systemic conceptualisation of Digital Government.
  • Test and validate the proposed conceptual framework by designing, executing and analysing at least four case studies, incorporating randomised controlled trials as a within-case method.
  • Propose a set of future research and policy recommendations with direct implications for advancing Digital Government Transformation in the EU beyond 2030.
  • Engage with an international group of exerts and stakeholders who will oversee the project’s results and validate the findings.


For more information, please contact project manager Dr Egidijus Barcevičius.


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