In November 2017 PPMI commenced implementation of the service contract awarded by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC). As part of this contract we will develop an analytical and conceptual framework to study the dynamic an impacts of social policy innovation on the resilience of local systems.

Resilience of societies has been supported by the welfare state, which currently faces new shocks and challenges, requiring new means to address in this rapidly changing social and economic context. Social policy innovation, in turn, is increasingly seen as a significant element of the future of European welfare systems.

We will conduct an extensive systematic literature review to conceptualize and operationalize these buzzwords. Afterwards, we will test and validate this new framework in empirical research – three case studies on carefully selected social policy innovation initiatives and their cross-case analysis.

Results of this study will ultimately become a part of JRC’s new research direction. Its objective is to provide policy support to relevant DGs in relation to the implementation of Social Policy Innovation measures linked to the implementation of the Social Investment Package (SIP). Based on this framework, JRC will build evidence to support the modernisation of EU Social Protection Systems as well as contribute to the implementation of relevant actions under the EU Pillar of Social Rights.

The project will be completed by summer 2018. For more information on the project or our experience with social innovation analysis, please contact Vaida Gineikytė. 

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