This month PPMI is launching a new study co-financed by the Lithuanian Research Council and Poland’s National Science Centre. The study investigates how Brexit affects young Polish and Lithuanian migrants in the UK regarding their transition to adulthood, identity formation, use of social services, migration decisions, and labour market integration. Given the increase in immigration restrictions over the last few years in Europe and the U.S., the study provides timely insights on whether and how these restraints affect the daily livelihoods of those affected. The comparison between Lithuania and Poland clarifies whether experiences are similar across different institutional settings and labour markets.

The study involves a mixed methods approach, namely:

  • Secondary analysis of existing surveys, primarily the Labour Force Survey, which will allow us to compose a demographic profile of emigrants and compare them to stayers with similar characteristics;
  • Semi-structured and asynchronous interviews that will help us identify short- and medium-term Brexit effects given that we will track the same interviewees over a two-year period;
  • Online survey designed to assess whether Brexit effects identified during interviews are common across wider Lithuanian and Polish migrant populations.

Gathered lessons will help predict migration responses to future policy changes.

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