PPMI-led team of seasoned experts and metropolitan policy experts set to estimate Vilnius competitiveness in attracting investment. Go Vilnius - a regional investment and talent attraction agency - selected the consortium to figure out city‘s standing among major European contender cities specializing in BPO, manufacturing and technology, and contribute towards organizational and strategic goals.

The goal of the study is to determine Vilnius’ baseline performance in investment attraction and design a tool for monitoring and comparison among other 5 selected cities. This will be achieved through a multi-faceted approach to regional dynamics of talent and investment attraction and retention, and economic specialization.

The outputs of this study will lead to established annual estimation of Vilnius’s strategic goals and Go Vilnius performance in pursuing its goals of a much more prosperous city.

The project will take 3 months and will be completed in cooperation with a local consultancy firm, EKT.



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