In January 2021, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) contracted PPMI to prepare country factsheets for the Gender Equality Index 2021. Country factsheets are EIGE’s main instrument for communicating Index results to various audiences in the EU Member States and the EU.

Country factsheets will provide a snapshot into key trends and developments in gender equality in each Member State and the EU. They will also highlight intersecting inequalities to capture how gender interacts with other social inequalities, such as age, disability, migrant background, family status and educational level. The factsheets will also integrate a special focus of the Index 2021 on gender inequalities related to health, specifically focusing on mental health, sexual and reproductive health, and pandemics of infectious diseases, especially the Covid-19.

To develop the country factsheets, PPMI will carry out an in-depth country-level analysis of the Gender Equality Index scores and indicators. To ensure that factsheets are easily readable and understandable for expert and non-expert audiences, our team also ensures that information is visualised and adapted to a digital-only format.

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