In December, 2019, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission contracted PPMI to examine existing concepts and practices of creativity as a transversal skill. As part of this assignment, we will explore definitions, frameworks and models of creativity as well as its links with the key competences and other 21st century/core life skills; inventory policies and grass-root initiatives aimed at fostering creativity as a skill; and conduct in-depth case studies to analyse how creativity is translated into learning objectives, taught and assessed.

Such a timely review will allow to take stock of the strengths of the existing knowledge and set the direction for further work in the area. In the long run, research findings on how to translate creativity into learning objectives as well as teach and assess this skill will contribute to the capacity of the policymakers, education practitioners and other stakeholders to further promote creativity across educational levels and contexts.

E-solution:NOWORRIES Agency Developing esthetics.