The study intends to support the European Commission in its efforts to move beyond Member State-specific SCOs and instead use the empowerment contained in Article 14.1 of the ESF regulation to devise EU-level SCOs that can be applied by any Member State, in particular in policy areas, such as training for the unemployed, provision of employment services (counselling of the unemployed) and training for people in employment (including public servants).

Our research is largely based on analysis of statistical data (LMP, CVTS 4, Structure of Earnings Survey (SES) and Labour Cost Survey (LCS) data, etc.) acquired either from Eurostat or from the European Commission. In addition, we used quantitative data extracted from other ongoing or already completed relevant studies and implemented a separate EU-wide survey of various data handlers at Member State level (representatives of Managing Authorities and Public Employment Services, members of the Simplification thematic network under ESF Transnational Cooperation, etc.).

The key outcome of this study are SCOs for the unemployed, Employment Services and people in employment, including the definition of each SCO, the description of a method to determine and update the amounts, and the audit trail. The final study report has been delivered to DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion on June 2018.


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