In 2017 and 2018, PPMI implemented two waves of the COLLEEM survey on platform workers for the JRC. In total, we covered over 70,000 respondents in 16 EU Member States to identify those workers who make a living by connecting with customers through platforms such as Uber, Deliveroo, PeoplePerHour and others.

Various researchers are increasingly using COLLEEM data to draw insights on platform workers and the gig economy. For example, JRC analysis of the survey data finds that platform workers have diverse motivations for engaging in platform work and more often perceive themselves as employees than self-employed.

Another JRC study shows that women are increasingly using platform work as a source of secondary income although men continue to comprise a larger share of all platform workers.

A new face-to-face survey in Central and Eastern Europe by ETUI finds rather consistent results with COLLEEM’s regarding the share of adults who have some platform work experience.

Finally, the most recent study published last month identifies the key challenges for platform workers and considers the most recent and reliable data on platform work in Europe to be that of the COLLEEM II survey.

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