In February, 2016 PPMI completed the evaluation of the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI), including the implementation of the Youth Guarantee Initiative. The Lithuanian Ministry of Social Security and Labour commissioned the evaluation to improve the implementation of the YEI interventions in Lithuania and to report properly to the European Commission.

The evaluation covered two YEI supported national projects which aim to activate young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) in Lithuania. The evaluation assessed how Lithuanian institutions are prepared to carry out the YEI projects and identified potential risks on the national and in particular local level to effective and efficient YEI implementation. PPMI collected new empirical evidence through six field trips to Lithuanian municipalities that included interviews with local project coordinators. Furthermore, the team conducted an on-line survey of project coordinators and organised a focus group with representatives from institutions responsible for the coordination and implementation of the YEI in Lithuania.

The evaluation recommended reconsidering some output and result indicators of the YEI projects; providing more information to the project coordinators about complex YEI interventions; facilitating cooperation between local institutions and the project coordinators. It also expressed concerns that changing economic conditions, inaccurate statistical data on the NEET population, and prolonged public procurement procedures may have negative effects on the YEI implementation.

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