The European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) aims to support the policy-making and implementation process in the area of employment and social affairs, improve the geographical mobility in the EU and facilitate access to finance for vulnerable people, micro- and social enterprises. In order to ensure the effective management of the programme as well as to facilitate learning and accountability of those implementing it, the Commission is legally obliged to draft regular monitoring reports on its performance. PPMI was contracted to provide support and assistance to the Commission to launch the EaSI programme and to draft its first monitoring report. The first biennial EaSI Performance Monitoring Report was recently published by the European Commission and can be accessed here

Our work concerned both the development of EaSI monitoring system and the analysis of the programme’s performance in terms of its objectives and policy achievements. Specifically, our services included three major activities tailored to create a complete monitoring system and test it out, namely devise a monitoring framework (including key performance indicators), develop the tools necessary for its effective and timely implementation, and carry out the first monitoring exercise.

Another important task of this assignment was to design a system to identify, analyse and disseminate the good practices among the projects funded by the programme. Performance monitoring reports of the predecessor PROGRESS programme 2007-2013 and its interim evaluation repeatedly pointed to the need to strengthen the dissemination of the results of the supported projects. Hence the development of a dedicated sub-system to identify the good practices originating from the action grants funded both under the predecessor programmes (PROGRESS, EURES) and later also under the new one (EaSI) helped to considerably improve dissemination.

Prior to this project, we carried out very similar services in 2007-2013 related to monitoring the performance of the PROGRESS programme, a predecessor of the EaSI. This points to our long-standing experience in carrying out performance management services for the European Commission in the area of employment and social affairs.

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