The NESET II Final Report of 2017 has been officially confirmed by the European Commission. During the past year the Network has delivered three analytical reports:

1. ‘Assessment practices for 21st century learning: review of evidence’ by Hanna Siarova, Dalibor Sternadel, Rūta Mašidlauskaitė;
2. ‘Transforming European ECEC services and Primary schools into professional learning communities: drivers, barriers and ways forward’ by Nima Sharmahd, Jan Peeters, Katrien Van Laere, Tajana Vonta, Chris De Kimpe, Sanja Brajković, Laura Contini and Donatella Giovannini;
3. ‘Strengthening Social and Emotional Education as a core curricular area across the EU’ by Carmel Cefai, Paul A. Bartolo, Valeria Cavioni, Paul Downes

All reports are available here.


In 2017, NESET II also answered five ad hoc queries from the Commission, namely:

1. ‘Migration and Education in Sweden: Integration of Migrants in the Swedish School Education and Higher Education Systems’ by Nihad Bunar
2. ‘Continuity of learning for newly arrived refugee children in Europe’ by Claudia Koehler
3. ‘The role of education for social inequality in modern societies (with a special perspective on EU Member State’ by Dovydas Caturianas, Laima Užpelkienė, Valentina Migliarini
4. ‘The effectiveness of equity funding in education in Western countries. Literature review’ by Emilie Franck and Ides Nicaise
5. ‘The current state of national ECEC quality frameworks, or equivalent strategic policy documents, governing ECEC quality in EU Member States’ by Arianna Lazzari

You can find the ad hoc answers here.


The highlight of the year has been the annual conference titled ‘Empowering Schools. Evidence – informed policies for quality education’. It was co-organised by NESET II, EENEE and the Commission, and held on November 23, in Brussels. The conference proceedings are available here.


Work Programme 2018 is currently being finalized and will be published soon.


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