The European Commission co-finances actions of public, private and civil society actors enabling them to deliver new services, assess the existing policies or develop new ones, and exchange good practices in the fields of employment, labour mobility, working conditions, social protection and social inclusion. To facilitate the dissemination of the results achieved, reports presenting the added-value of the supported projects are regularly published by the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.

The European Commission has just published the sixth report of this kind prepared by PPMI. The aims of the projects presented in this report ranged from supporting the reforms of national pensions systems to building partnerships between employment services and setting up the European Sectoral Skills Councils. In the area of working conditions, the projects sought to promote transnational cooperation on posting of workers. The overviewed EURES projects aimed at placing young people in quality jobs and supporting partnerships between employment services working in the cross-border areas.

We believe that this report will be beneficial in two main ways. First, it will serve as guidance for public, private and civil society actors wishing to apply for EU funding and second, it will provide policy-makers with innovative ideas to design and implement new policy interventions in the respective policy areas.

In case you need more information about this report, please contact Mantas Pupinis.

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