PPMI, in cooperation with CSES and external experts, is implementing a study supporting the ex post evaluation of the Structural Reform Support Programme (2017-2020). This study was commissioned by Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM) which helps the EU Member States carry out reforms to support job creation and sustainable growth. The ex post evaluation aims to assess the relevance, effectiveness, coherence, efficiency and EU value-added of the SRSP. The findings from this evaluation will also improve the performance of the Technical Support Instrument, the successor programme of the SRSP.

As part of this evaluation, the European Commission has launched an Open Public Consultation. The consultation aims to gather views of a broad spectrum of stakeholders interested in evaluating the SRSP (the general public, coordinating authorities, businesses, trade associations and other interest groups, national and sub-national authorities).

We invite anyone interested in the programme to participate in the consultation process and express their views on the EU’s Have Your Say website

The consultation is open until 24 May 2022.



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